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Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Parsely, Chives, Cilantro, Salad Mix

Grow For You Inc.  offers handcrafted, clean, quiet and efficient aeroponic gardens. Our systems are highly customizable, made to be a beautiful addition to your home as functional decor; or a simple solution to your business produce needs.  Allow Grow For You to work with you in designing the right system to support your purposes.


Aeroponics Explained

Aeroponic gardening is an old idea (a derivative of hydroponics) made new again.  In aeroponics soil is omitted. Instead plants are suspended with their roots exposed.  Nutrient rich water is then delivered directly to the roots by water droplets or mist periodically throughout the day.  This method of delivery creates ideal circumstances for plants to grow rapidly and healthfully without pesticides or risk from harsh environmental conditions.  As the gardener your result is high quality produce, at a steady reliable pace, in your own home or establishment.

The use of aeroponics and hydroponics is rapidly growing in the world of agricultural today as we seek to do more with less, sustainably, in controlled environments and closer to our point of consumption.  It just makes sense.

I’m not a gardener – can I still do this?

Grow For You systems were developed with home use and small business in mind. We have taken great care to keep the systems simple and low maintenance.  We also provide a ‘’Get Growing’’ quick reference guide for new growers with every tower, free knowledge sharing, resources through our website, a facebook chat group and direct correspondence with us if needed.   Like all gardening there is some need as a grower to learn the preferences of your chosen crop. However, our mission and core belief is that everyone can grow food in their own home. Even a very inexperienced gardener can yield successful crops within a short time.


It seems like a lot of work!

Keeping a clean, productive system is actually not as difficult as one may think.  There are no weeds to contend with, and no pesticides, in fact very few concerns with pests at all.  A large reservoir of circulating water is set to a timer, and a drip system limits concerns over running dry or clogging nozzles.  Simply add your nutrients at the directed times, then monitor and enjoy watching your food grow.

* For four season growth some homes may require a grow light.  This depends on your geography and seasonal length of day.

What Can I Grow?

One of the many benefits of aeroponic growing is that the systems are suitable to nearly every plant imaginable.  From fine herbs to flowers, salad greens to tomatoes.  We suggest new growers select one or two leafy green crops at first – but there are very few* limits to the potential.

* We do not recommend root vegetables as they grow inside the tube and are difficult to then harvest.  

* Grasses or drought loving species are not ideal  for hydroponic/aeroponic growing.

How much food can I grow?

Most varieties of crop are ready for harvest within 60-90 days.  Your home environment will affect this, but if you chose to add a grow light to your set up, you can grow year round harvesting approximately every 3 months (or constantly if you stagger the seeding times of your tower!)  Our basic tower has space for up to 34 plants. You may choose a single crop such as lettuce or spinach and grow constantly, or vary your crops from one harvest to the next exploring and experimenting to find your favorites.  The possibilities are truly endless. It is an investment in your health, home and hobby life all at once.

Other benefits of Home Gardens

Once you have your garden established the average cost to grow a plant is 20 cents each.  Whether you are growing spinach, kale, or cilantro, tomatoes, peas or parsley. Your cost is limited to seeds, growing medium and nutrition.  There cost of hydro for a running a system is nominal.

Having live plants growing in your home is shown to improve air quality and is beneficial to mood*.  

Consuming ultra fresh fruits, veggies and herbs that are picked and consumed at their prime time is both the most delicious and nutritious time.  What you can not consume immediately does not need go to waste. Freeze it, share it, or make large batches of favorite recipes.

Growing at home reduces carbon emission contributions.  You can’t get more “local” than your own kitchen! Best of all. There is no plastic waste.  No wrapping, produce bags, or grocery carry out. Just fresh beautiful greens to enjoy over and over again.

*T5 Lighting is evidenced to have positive effects on mood and immune function.  Another benefit for those using grow lights.

And of course, let us not overlook the joy of watching things grow!

Please contact us for questions and system enquiries.   


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