Renfrew County Contest Announcement




Grow For You Inc.  Is a new, small business in Renfrew County offering vertical aeroponic tower garden systems (soilless gardens), for home and small business use.  www.agroforyou.com

We are very excited and motivated to help our community gain knowledge and comfort with this wonderful food production option

‘Tis the season of giving and in that spirit Grow For You is gifting 2 tower gardens with starter kit and in house, in person workshop!

This contest is open to students of all ages from any elementary or secondary school in Renfrew County.  Entry is free and simple.

Students (with parental permission) should e-mail their best, most creative answer to ONE of our questions.

Send Attention to : Grow For You Tower Contest  growforyouinc@gmail.com

YOU MAY answer in any form. Write a paragraph, an essay, a song, draw a picture or children’s book, make a piece of art…whatever allows you to express your idea best!

*In order to collect the prize for your school you must provide your contact information and school name.We will verify that the school is prepared to accept and learn to use a soilless tower on site as well as share periodic updates about the experience.

*No contact information will be shared or used for purposes other than this event.

Questions(choose ONE):

  1. How is growing your own food helpful to your health and the environment?
  2. What can we do in our communities to make healthy food more available to everyone?


Submissions are open now and will accepted until midnight January 25th, 2019

We will announce the winner Jan 31st 2018 and work with you to arrange a delivery of the prize directly to your school at which time YOU have the honor of presenting the gift.


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