Chive Talkin’

closeup photo of mint
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Herbs tend to grow very well in aeroponic gardens. So well in fact that sometimes you aren’t exactly sure what to do with it all! My personal favorite is to SHARE. Carry little bundles of fresh herbs to your work friends, neighbours, piano teacher, local food bank. Anywhere! Everyone loves a little fresh greenery from time to time.

Of course – cooking with and preserving your food is what we all start out to do. So let’s talk about preserving chives. It’s SIMPLE.

You have 2 very quick options.

1) Snip your chive greens into small sections. Place in ice cube trays and fill with just enough water or olive oil to cover. Freeze and transfer into a well sealed container. When you are looking to use these little guys you simply toss them into the pan, or pot. OR thaw and stir into your sauce/oil/dressing…whatever!

2) Snip your chives and place them dry inside a resealable freezer bag. Roll the bag and release as much ait as possible before sealing or resealing. Store in the freezer and use as required.

It’s THAT easy.


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