Kindred Growers

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity for us. In less than a year we have gone from hopeful hobbiests to new entrepreneurs. We have moved through to the final stages of a large competition and recieved multiple grants. All the while striving to not only learn and grow, but figure out how to move forward with integrity as an environmentally conscious company.

We have been sourcing ethical marketing products like our seed paper journals and bamboo hats. Seeking relationships with local and Canadian companies, and focusing on eliminating plastics and over packaging from our system. Can I just say Eeeash!?!?! It’s been wild!

It has been wonderful, and motivating. Also eye opening and alarming. We are up against a lot of bad habits in the world of consumerism and business. There are resource challenges and policy limitations that will have to be overcome. But we are committed.

An important part of this journey is, and will be, sourcing materials for the construction of our towers. We want to move away from PVC and into something more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We need to find not only a material,but a method of molding the towers that gives the same versatility and asthetic. (Currently all towers are hand made, a lengthy and difficult process). We have been reaching out to companies all over the world asking for information and advice. Building our knowledge and our community.

A couple months ago we reached out to a thermoplastic company. Within a few days and after several email exchanges we learned that one of their team members was growing aeroponically too! Yesterday we travelled to meet this gentleman and his wife, to view their work and discuss how we could support each others efforts.

After a long and delightful visit Eric and I made the trek home. A three hour drive gave us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate. First of all we were charmed and impressed by this family. They welcomed us warmly and with ease. We noticed how many common points we shared including our belief in support over competition, and feeding people over profit margins.

We also noticed how very different, but equally valid and productive our approaches to aeroponics are! We were excited and felt deeply validated.

Plants are hearty, resilient organisms. They WANT to grow. Aeroponics is an approach that can be made very complex, or very simple. The end goal for everyone no matter what, is growth!

We want to make aeroponics welcoming and accessible. We want you as the grower to bring your own personality and style to the process. Grow in a way that suits you. Every grower should feel confident in knowing you can meet the plants needs in a number of ways. It is not an issue or right or wrong. What is your preference? What suits you? There are basic needs to accommodate, the rest is a series of discoveries and experimentation.

We left yesterday feeling we had grown in our understanding. That we had made new friends and possibly laid the foundation for future partnering. Regardless of what may come, we certainly know there are kindred growers out there and together we will do our part to share this technique and help others to feed themselves!!

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