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Super Simple Home Made Veggie Broth

One of the things that continues to amaze me is how duped we have been into thinking we need to buy things. In my quest to reduce packaging and consumerism I have been slowly picking away at the basics in our house. We have made our way slowly through school snack and yogurt, cleaning products and soap. Now I am returning my attention to the kitchen. For the past few weeks I had been keeping my veggie scraps in the freezer collecting the volume and nerve to try my own broth. Not sure why it intimidated me – but it did. Finally a cold snowy weekend afternoon came along and I decided it was time. The effort was so minimal and the result so delicious I feel it’s a MUST SHARE.
Olive oil
Whatever else ya’ got (fresh or frozen, wilted or soggy, as long as it’s not rotten)

1) Splash a decent gob of olive oil and about a table spoon of crushed garlic into the bottom of your largest soup pot.
2) Coarsely chop a couple small onions and toss them in – skins and all. Start browning over medium heat (about 5 minutes)
3) Toss in all your other veggies, skins, rinds, everything. Don’t fuss. Just dump.
4) Add enough water to the pot to cover the veggies you have added.

(Don’t you just love a recipe that involves measurements like “gob, blob, splash”!?)

If you have fresh herbs add a spring of what ever. We had oregano, cilantro and chive. Yanked off a fist full of each and through it in whole.

If you have dried herbs have some fun! Rosemary maybe? Thyme, basil…YUMMMM…

Salt and pepper a wee bit, then wait a while before you make adjustments.

5) Simmer until your veggies have all become soft and easy to smoosh with a fork. A couple hours likely.

6) Salt and pepper again now to bring to your liking. Then cool
7) Strain through your large pasta strainer
8) Strain through a sieve (only if the bits bother you)
9) If you want it very smooth strain again through cheese cloth. I liked the texture so skipped this step.
10) Freeze in cubes or keep in the fridge to make soups over the next few days.

I will never buy veggie stock again…TOOOOO easy