What is Aeroponic Gardening?



The main difference between aeroponics and traditional gardening is that there is no soil involved.  This is advantageous for multiple reasons including but not limited to:

– the grower controls the environment and is able to control the time growth time and variables that affect production.

– avoid insects and other pests without the need for pesticides.

– allows clean low maintenance and consistent indoor production with minimum water consumption.

– production byproducts are clean.  No negative environmental impact.

– provides an inexpensive option to grow year round produce without depleting soil minerals.


The main difference between aeroponics and hydropoincs is that the roots of aeropomic plants are exposed to air the majority of the time, rather than water. Plants are fed by a nutrient rich water supply that is delivered by droplets or mist in timed intervals throughout the day/night cycle.  This promotes a hearty root system which facilitates the efficient growth of strong healthy plants.